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    This is a re-release. The reason the last release was pulled was because things that I did not notice during testing were happening. Various applications were crashing and other bugs. Sorry for the issues.

    Webst3r for helping me with the original black bar port.
    JRummy16 for helping me with the services.jar
    RobStemen for the amazing boot animation
    tgwaste for the framework-res.apk and the custom icons(vibrate and the battery) and the MMS icons for better look on the black status bar.
    To all my beta testers in the #epicrom IRC(If you go to the IRC and are there regularly you will be able to get pre-releases or beta releases of the rom to try and test and report bugs back to me)

    Bug fixes
    New black notification bar
    Updated stock applications

    What is included:
    Black notification bar.
    HTC Clock Widget
    Motoblur mostly removed
    Modified messaging application(Credit to Cyanogen)
    Chips-Ahoy Cookies

    Screen shots are here

    Download is here (You click "here" :P)

    For support please join my IRC chat at http://www.webchat.freenode.net in channel #epicrom.

    Please if you feel it right to, donate. I am trying to get enough money to but a DROIDX to also develop on there. Please if you would like to donate here. Please read the whole page.

    If anyone posts a fix below in the responses please do not attempt to use it or do anything with it until I confirm it is a legitimate fix or if it will do damage to your device.

    I hope you enjoy!
    09-16-2010 07:56 PM
  2. bluelite#AC's Avatar
    I assume for rooted D2's?
    09-16-2010 09:09 PM
  3. Matt4542's Avatar
    I assume for rooted D2's?
    Yeah it is.
    09-16-2010 09:22 PM
  4. hitman8100's Avatar
    will this work on the droid 2 global?
    11-14-2010 05:37 PM