1. billmoseley's Avatar
    How do I move some of my music from the SD card on my Droid 2 to the actual phone storage?

    I've got over 6 GBs free in my phone's storage that I don't imagine I'll be filling with apps any time soon, but only about 1 GB left on my card. I don't want to buy a new SD card since I've got a lot of space still available.
    11-21-2010 12:15 PM
  2. Rev2010's Avatar
    You need to root your phone to do so. There are many threads here on how to do it and a Rom/Hacks section that has threads with the info as well. One suggestion though, do NOT fill up the main phone memory with MP3's. The main phone memory is where app installs typically go and is used for cache memory usage. If I were you I'd simply spend the $30 for a 16gb SD card from Newegg.com:

    Newegg.com - Computer Hardware,Flash Memory & Readers,Flash Memory,Micro SDHC,16GB,Class 4

    11-21-2010 03:20 PM