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    The D2 seems to have less of a handle on sync operations than D1. My little story starts with the sync button on the power widget. In the D1 days, that setting corresponded to "auto-sync" in the system menu. I thought that was the catch-all for sync operations of all applications. I was confused with the D2 because there was no "auto-sync" in the menu and I couldn't find what system menu setting was affected by the widget.

    I got even more confused when I saw that IMAP email (not Gmail) is unaffected by the sync setting on the power widget. My IMAP email continues to come in regardless. Note that "background data" and "data enabled" in the "data manager" system menu is checked, of course.

    Until recently I was going to say that the sync button on the power widget didn't do anything. Perhaps this function was now under the control of the "Battery Manager" system menu where you can set the sync schedule and battery mode (the default is "Nighttime saver" where the sync is disabled from 10pm to 5am unless you're actively using the device). I thought the button may be a non-functional leftover of the D1 widget.

    After experimenting, I noticed that the sync button on the power widget does remove the checkboxes from the three google account "syncs": calendar, contacts and Gmail. This is a common problem out there where people can't get their Gmail to sync. So the sync button on the power widget controls only google syncing. Got it.

    My main question is: Which sync is which? How do you turn the email (and perhaps other application) sync off for overnight? Are these the same syncs that the "Battery Manager" ("nighttime saver") is controlling? There's too many references to sync, and they all do not apparently behave the same.
    Wasn't the D1 sync system menu easier to understand? Seemed clear which accounts where syncing, and they could all be centrally controlled by the widget.
    11-23-2010 07:40 PM
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    More abbreviated question after additional research. Anyone know of a widget that controls background data or the email push / fetch properties?

    I'm really looking for a way to stop the email (not gmail) app from syncing overnight. Auto-sync and the two circles on the power widget only affect gmail push, not the email push.
    12-08-2010 10:23 AM