1. bpyoung83's Avatar
    Why is it that the calendar in Android and the web calendar in Gmail does not sync up correctly?

    On my phone, there are a lot of events that show up on previous months that have been deleted. However, they do not show up on the web version.

    Also, when I delete an event on my phone, it does not always delete it on the web version. So there seems to be some kind of connection problem between the phone version and the web version.

    This has done it on my Droid X and now on my Droid 2. Anyone have any suggestions???

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    12-12-2010 11:31 AM
  2. thebizz's Avatar
    Just tried it didn't have an issue with it don't know ill look into it further and post if I see a fix for it
    12-12-2010 02:02 PM
  3. _alphaBeta_'s Avatar
    Are you sure the calendar sync is turned on in settings? What about the auto-sync button on the power widget? If you make a new event online does it show on the phone, or is the problem limited to deleted events?
    12-15-2010 08:30 AM
  4. bpyoung83's Avatar
    All syncing is on.

    It only seems to be stuff I create or delete on my phone. If I add it online, it comes to my phone fine.

    Like I said, it did the same thing on my X. It's annoying.

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    12-16-2010 07:35 PM