1. oakridge outdoors's Avatar
    Hello All...

    I am trying to assist a friend in determining what is causing their device not to ring on incoming calls when the device is in a "sleep" mode/screen is off due to the timeout.

    Their device is a VZW Droid2 Global running Android 2.2.
    This is a fresh device out of the box using the defaults, activated on their VZW account, etc... no software installed or configured.

    When the device is being used or while the screen is on, incoming calls ring as they should. Once the device turns the screen off or goes into a sleep mode of sorts, incoming calls do not ring and go right to voicemail.

    I personally am not very familiar with Android or the many Droid devices coming myself from webOS land, so maybe I am missing something.

    Any help would greatly be appreciated.

    03-07-2011 12:07 PM