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    I am so confused , I have a Droid 2G that the signal goes up and down like a see saw, now I notice the same with the WiFi so I stopped in to the local
    Verizon store and asked about the WiFi problem I am having thinking its a hardware problem, the first thing out of the reps mouth was why would I be using WiFi when I could be using 3G ( I only have one bar sometimes and zero the others at home ) I tried to explain my problem with the 3G signal I get he then tells me I live in a bad area that will never have good service I have lived here for 19 years and been with VZW for 11 never was told that . So then we finally get to WiFi he tells me it is tooo new and is a problem I should take up with Motorola and not verizon

    I am not real smart with some of this stuff but I ran some speed test and here is my results:

    3G 80kbps down 107kbps up
    3G 39kbps down 401kbps up
    ran back to back

    then the WiFi

    5714 down 695 up
    5037 down 706 up

    so am I wrong that the better speed is my WiFi connection when its not going up and down ?
    04-14-2011 06:44 PM