1. michael styles's Avatar
    My Droid 2 Has been Stuck On boot animation since I rooted it. I some how never backed up when I tried to flash the Liberty Rom from the GB Leak & I dunno what to do. Can some one plz help me out Thnx Ya'll
    05-17-2011 01:48 AM
  2. michael styles's Avatar
    I know how to get in to the recovery mode by pressing x & power buttons but otherwise I can't get anywhere else even when I battery pull the hold the power button & Up key. All I have is the Liberty Romm Boot Screen. I hope I didn't brick the phone as I just got it as a warranty replacement. WTF I'm a smart one hahaha
    05-17-2011 02:03 AM
  3. michael styles's Avatar
    Got It!! Nevermind man I pulled a real Noob move today Lmao
    05-17-2011 02:37 AM
  4. bborst's Avatar
    Great. I find a thread that describes my problem perfectly and the OP doesn't even post his own method.

    Like he said, stuck at boot screen after updating to 2.3.2. What's a noob to do?
    05-20-2011 08:56 PM
  5. corydunbar's Avatar
    if you enter into recovery and wipe data and cache it will likely resolve you problem. Did you make a nandroid backup?
    05-20-2011 09:58 PM
  6. darrylmendo's Avatar
    Boot Loop: Tutorial/Walkthrough for flashing an .sbf to Droid 2 (unrooting/factory restore) - xda-developers
    1. Pull your Battery.
    2. Replace battery and power on while holding down the X key.
    3. Wait for the android triangle to load.
    4. Press the Search key (the magnifying glass)
    5. Use down arrow and navigate to wipe cache partition and press OK.
    6. Use down arrow and navigate to wipe data and press OK.
    7. Reboot phone.
    05-21-2011 04:39 PM