12-21-2011 10:28 PM
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    Pro's: good overall build except power and volume buttons designed by someone with their head in the cloud, instead of with common sense. Tons of apps, lots of memory, fairly fast. Good battery life. Holds my 8000 songs EASY (and sometimes randomly starts belting them out, when out of range of the connected Bluetooth devices!) Works well with my Ford (MS) Sync hands-free system in my Escape, and also with a Creative BlueTooth speaker I have on my desk at work.

    Cons: Camera is a joke. Did I mention the stupid power and volume button design? Android is like the Traumatic Brain Injury cousin of webOS or iOS. It looks OK, but behavior is "off", and very picky about doing things in the right order, and occasionally starts belting out the music app at random times!

    Overall: a reasonable phone. Not nearly as nice to use as webOS Pre's, or iOS, but if you are tied to Android and a keyboard, it is a very capable work phone, and can be coaxed into good settings to take pics of your kids OK.

    Buy again? If I had to choose a current Android keyboarded phone to get particular apps, yes. If I had choice, though, would get a webOS Pre3 or iOS phone.


    I also came to the Droid3 from webOS Pre's, in my case a Verizon Pre3 that I got on eBay, so not vaporware! But it didn't run the last standing medical pharmacy database, so I had to get a different phone. If I had my choice, would have got an iPhone. But my wife has Android, so I figured best to get the same basic OS, be able to help her with hers, and share chargers, etc. I did not consider BlackBerry, having already watched one OS die, not about to buy from another dying OS.

    After having had it a week now, I am fairly satisfied. Compared to using a webOS phone, it sucks. But that is king of to be expected as no one else on the market can touch webOS Synergy, cards, ease of deleting, etc. So I just keep telling myself to "Get over it!" and eagerly await Android 4.0.x ICS that has major changes from the inventor of the webOS interface. Fingers crossed....

    Now all that being said, overall it is light years better than the Samsung Epic I tried a year ago. Much better app memory, and GPS and BlueTooth actually work. Epocrates, Sanford Guide, LexiComp, and about a dozen other medical medical programs were immediately installed, off my prior Google profile from the Sammy. I love the hardware keyboard, though would prefer a vertical slider like I had with webOS.

    The camera - is a slow joke compared to the Samsung Epic, and even slower than the Pre3. It has lousy exposure and white balance and flash control with the built-in app. I haven't tried video yet. it does do barcode and QR code scans well, and Google Goggle works like a charm. The stock camera app takes very nice pics inside, if you like blurry, over flashed, blue pics that is.... (Just repeat "Get over it, Get over it, Get over it! Ice Cream Sandwich, Ice Cream Sandwich, Ice Cream Sandwich..."

    Battery life - pretty darn good. I turned off the GSM option which helps. I leave GPS and wifi and Bluetooth on all the time, and it has easily went all day at work without getting too low.

    Phone reception, 3G reception, are way better than the Pre2 or Pre3, and about same as the Sammy. Not surprising considering Motorola is a market leader; heck, they invented cell phones, I think (at least the first ones looked like the handset of our field radios we used in the Marines in the 80's, lol!). I like that it is a world phone with GSM capability, on the off chance that I travel like I plan too....

    Docks: the home dock is cheap and overpriced and hard to get the *&( % HDMI port to plug in. But the phone works very well with it, makes great bedside clock, and can tell that the office dock is not the same, remember a different set of settings there.

    Multimedia: does OK. I picked it because it was the smallest keyboard phone that was up to date that Verizon had. I have yet to watch a video or play a game on it (or even download one). But it takes decent pics of my kids, with Camera360 and Camera Zoom.

    One beef: the power/screen on and volume buttons are pathetic. Geesh Motorola!

    Overall - I think I'll keep it, still have a week to change my mind!
    12-21-2011 10:28 PM
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