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    Well if I have one, I have a lot of USB to Micro USB cables not to mention more with a Motorola Mini to Micro adapter for those with Micro USB male ends- I couldn't get any of them them to do anything but charge when connected to 2 different PC's - something seemed loose with the USB connector on my less-than 24 Hour old D-3. I little jiggle and I could see that is was preparing the SD card, even got connected once... So I went to the local Verizon store to replace it where the counter guy first trued to convince me it was better to take off the case- pull the SD card and use an adapter to to "sneaker net" files etc- Yeah- right !

    Then he connects a cable to his computer- and it stays connected! So I buy a cable, note the cords seems different and has a green stripe on it, get it home and it works here too - on all computers !

    Any ideas ? is there something unique about the USB cable necessary to tether?

    BTW- Awesome phone ! So far good battery life (Yea Juice Defender), glad I waited and did the research before committing my available 2 year upgrade !
    07-16-2011 05:16 PM
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    I have used the moto cable, the one from my girlfriend's Fascinate, the one from my Kindle and a random cheapie from amazon with no issue.

    The only requirement would be that it goes in deep enough to connect. I haven't heard of an issue with that for this phone but phones with a recessed port like the Fascinate have an issue with some cables.

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    07-16-2011 05:30 PM