1. jkmasi's Avatar
    I have quite a few buggy little issues with my Droid 3 - enough so that I've gone back to my Incredible 2. By the way, I have owned a lot of Android phones (except for Samsung line) and the Inc2 is the best so far. Anyway -- back to my Droid 3.

    1) Made a phone call to one of my contacts. Call initially appeared to go through, but then there was no ringing... the call never really seemed to connect, and there was silence on my end. I hit the end call button, and nothing happened. The call would not end. I hit the home button, and the phone went back to the home screen, but the call was still active in the notification bar, which was flashing green. Pulled down the bar, and tried to go back to the call screen, but no luck. There was no way to end the call. Finally - just before I was about to try restarting the phone, the call disappeared. After this, it took a couple of minutes for my 3g signal to show up in the notification area.

    2) Sometimes I have to tap the screen more than once to make a selection.

    3) Emails and texts sometimes won't send the first time.

    4) Can't select suggested words sometimes when typing on the hardware keyboard. Is there another way I'm supposed to be doing this other than tapping on the desired word?

    5) Unplugged phone from charger. Battery says it's still charging! This has only happened once so far.

    I've already done one factory reset on this phone. If it wasn't for the awesome keyboard, I would sell it immediately.
    08-14-2011 08:07 AM
  2. macten52's Avatar
    I had the exact same as your no. 1. I thought I was going to have pull the battery to end the call. Then it ended.weird! And you right anymore goofey stuff I am going back to my bberry.
    08-20-2011 10:13 AM