1. Rlin5741's Avatar
    I'm not sure if this occured with the pre-OTA 890 version, but I noticed that the radio on the 890 is very flaky, it turns on and off at will. However, I notice that this usually happens when Wifi is on at the same time as the radio and the radio bars show up as blue or if you simultaneously see 3G and Wifi logos, both blue. I also further noticed that this appears to happen only if I reboot or boot up with the wifi and radio activated - if I turn off the wifi before rebooting, the signal is very steady and I never see the combination of blue basr/3G logs and blue wifi. Has anyone else seen this activity? Hopefully this will help those having issues with the radio.

    I applied the OTA while rooted, and this issue appears to remain if my phone is rooted or unrooted.
    10-12-2011 12:17 AM
  2. bigjake24's Avatar
    I have a non-rooted D3 and have noticed the same thing(s). My issue was pre-OTA update though. It is very frustrating to have the phone switch between wifi and network data constantly.
    10-13-2011 01:54 AM
  3. macten52's Avatar
    I have a non-rooted pretty stock D3....my radio was quite flaky prior to OTA890. it would loose bars and jump between 3G and 1X even in good recpetion areas. i had alway thought and observed the moto phones had great reception. anyway, since 890 problem solved. radio is rock solid.
    10-13-2011 08:20 AM