1. Rev2010's Avatar
    I've read some reviews on the Verizon site from some users saying the external speaker starts failing within weeks. They basically say listening to voicemails eventually causes the external speaker to start gradually distorting to the point you can't make out anything. I find this odd because the ring tone would play through the same speaker and I only found a few saying this. However, each user said they returned the phone and have gone through several that did this. Is this true or bogus? Thanks.

    04-26-2012 07:17 PM
  2. wabyrd's Avatar
    It is possible that some are having that issue. I have had my 4 since release day. I use my speaker a LOT at full volume for Pandora, listening to podcasts, Netflix, and Slingplayer. I haven't had any problems with distortion at all.

    Just remember...for every person that complains about the speaker, there are hundreds more that are satisfied with their purchase but don't take tne time or effort to post their positive review. I switched to the 4 from a DINC 2. I couldn't be happier.
    04-28-2012 09:58 AM