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    My boss just got the new ICS upgrade on his Droid 4 and there are lots of things he doesn't like about it. For one, when there's an incoming call, he doesn't understand how to answer the call -- the new call-answer screen is too different from the 'old' v2.3 screen. Is there a way to restore the old screen/method? (Short of reinstalling the old OS...)
    09-06-2012 08:07 PM
  2. vjr021's Avatar
    You can't change ANYTHING... The update is horrible... I upgraded my wife's phone, and it has me in hell... Everyday she finds something she hates about it, and I can't change it.

    Answer/Unlock screen is 1 issue... Black background in email is another.

    I am so mad.
    09-11-2012 02:48 PM
  3. DRSMAS's Avatar
    It is absolutely horrible for just answering a call! How could any marketing person, decrease the user friendliness of just answering a call!! We use to just swipe and answer, and now it takes two steps to just answer a call or not answer a call! I hate it, and there is no way of downgrading. The only option is buy an I-phone!!
    09-28-2012 01:44 PM
  4. Hikertrash's Avatar
    What's the problem, I upgraded to ICS shortly after receiving the phone and when someone calls in, there are three large, colored boxes on the bottom it says, "answer, text, ignore."

    Issue w new ICS 'incoming call' answer-screen?-screenshot_2012-09-28-20-47-00.png
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    09-28-2012 08:46 PM
  5. pihutch's Avatar
    That's not how my wife's screen looks on incoming calls. She has to press an icon in the center of the screen and then on another icon to answer a call.
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    10-03-2012 09:36 AM
  6. kturcotte's Avatar
    My answer screen varies between the pic Hikertrash posted, and what Pihutch posted. Not sure WHAT makes it switch from one to the other.
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    10-11-2012 09:42 PM
  7. Moo Cow's Avatar
    My answer screen varies between the pic Hikertrash posted, and what Pihutch posted. Not sure WHAT makes it switch from one to the other.
    I haven't given that much thought to it because it's not a big deal to me, but I wonder if you get the pic Hikertrash posted if your phone isn't locked, and if you get what Pihutch posted if it is locked. I say this because Pihutch describes basically what you do when you unlock the phone out of the lock screen, only you're doing it for a phone call.

    I really don't feel like calling myself several times to test it, lol, but that's just a weird theory that came to mind now.
    10-12-2012 04:24 AM
  8. kturcotte's Avatar
    I just played around for a little bit, and it does appear this is the cause. If the phone is locked, you get the screen where you have to drag the icon. If your phone is unlocked, you can just pres the regular buttons.
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    10-12-2012 08:44 AM
  9. TechTinker's Avatar
    Probably so you don't "Butt-Answer" lol. I like the look of the buttons though when I get a call my phone is mostly locked.
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    10-13-2012 09:00 PM