1. vjr021's Avatar
    The list goes on and on... Now attachments in emails can not be downloaded... the program just hangs.... Icons, photos, pdf, no matter what it is like you are on dialup...
    I give up, I am sick of hearing from my wife how bad she hates the update...

    on the Droid 4 forum home page there are 11 posts about issues everyone is having with ICS...

    Didn't Motorola test the software before releasing?

    and there is no fix in sight since they are jumping on the Jelly Bean bandwagon.

    I want the old OS back, how do I downgrade???
    09-11-2012 02:43 PM
  2. Kpsull13's Avatar
    TThis is incredibly bad, see that? EEVERY GD SENTENCE DOES TTHIS. DOUBLE ENTERS LETTERS, I DID NOT PUT THE CAPLOCK OON, it just did it.
    MMy mouse lost tthre function of thre left click button.
    I did not type AANY of threse typos, tthis is what it does!!!!!

    TThe webdock app keeps reverting from thre normal phone desktop function to some bs screen with next to nothing on it.
    I called motorola and after getting thre run around for a bit finally got someone to ADMIT that it was google that did it and that is tough "you-know-what" if I don't like it.
    What else?
    OH YEAH, can't watch friggin videos any more unless they're you tube, flash not supported, wmv, not supported, quicktime, not supported.

    This is beyond b*******
    What can be done, I'm stuck with thre phone and a 2 year contract?
    10-19-2012 11:00 PM

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