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    I've seen a lot of people asking how this is done, and I completely understand why. It took me about an hour to figure this out myself so it isn't too easy. They definitely could of made this option a little easier. BUT - the issue at hand is people are having trouble adding their own personal bookmarks to the bookmark widget, when adding the bookmark widget to one of their main screens. Well, not to offend anyone, but here's the 'dummy' step-by-step instructions on how to:

    Step By Step Instructions on how to add Booksmark's to Droid 4 cellphones.

    Droid 4 Users:

    1.) Goto the "My Accounts" app. Open it.
    2.) Select "Advanced Setup".
    3.) Choose an account you want to save your bookmarks to. (preferably the @gmail you setup with your phone)
    3.) Click the check box that says "Sync Broswer".
    4.) Hit "Done" or just the back button to back out completely.
    5.) Next, Add the bookmarks widget to one of your screens by clicking on the "Apps" icon on the Home Screen, then selecting "Widgets" at the top of the screen. Scroll to the Bookmark's Widget and select/click it.
    6.) Next, goto the screen you added your widget too and click the little browser icon at the bottom right of the widget. It will open the browser.
    7.) Type in a URL of a website in which you plan to add to your bookmarks on your main screen widget.
    8.) *IMPORTANT STEP* On the WEBSITE ITSELF, long press somewhere on the website until a pop-up screen appears that has multiple options. Select "Save to bookmarks" AND/OR you can click on the "Menu" button and the pop-up will appear where you now need to select "Save to Bookmarks". Then when you back out you will see your site is added to your widget. (I did notice sometimes it would look like it added a diff. website, but click on it, close it and you will see it is the correct bookmark you wanted to add.
    9.) To add more bookmarks, REPEAT steps 7-9!

    Good Luck! Android! #IC3D
    11-18-2012 11:33 PM

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