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    Hi, i just got the Droid 4 in December and since then it has not vibrated for text messages when set to the vibrate only mode. I recently (this week) went to Verizon and they sent me a new phone...Still no luck

    I have emptied all the caches (Start up and Text Massaging Cache in the apps menu)
    I also have checked the messaging settings and its set to vibrate and so it is the same in the regular settings.
    I have called Motorola and Verizon and they couldn't help.
    I have NQ android booster and i have the setting set to vibrate too.
    The only time it will vibrate is when i empty the cache (works for ONE message).
    Do i need to roll back on my software?
    I'm tech-savy to an extent

    I need some help thanks..

    02-06-2013 02:28 PM

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