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    I have noticed that when in use my Lapdock 500 Pro since I installed the JB update, it works much better. Its faster, more stable & smoother. I can only guess that Project Butter has helped the Droid4 deal with Webtop better. I am sad that there are no new Motorola phones that use Web top. I believe this is because Google purchased Motorola & they want Chrome OS to take the place of Web top & the Lapdock. We own 2 Chrome books & they are excellent. But snapping my phone into my Lapdock 500 Pro is excellent as it is Android!

    I got my Lapdock 500 Pro in January & my Droid4 on launch day in February last year. I use this combo daily and will miss it when I finally do upgrade sometime next year.
    04-15-2013 02:05 AM

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