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    Please forgive me up front for the lack of information, but I'm getting a general "I'm not happy with this phone" from my wife and she's wanting an iPhone...so I'm trying to avoid that if possible.

    She complains that her phone is slow, it freezes, chrome crashes everytime and is unusable. She also has issues uploading pics and videos. It seems that everytime she plugs the phone USB in, the phone tries to download every pic and video each time.

    The other issue I've noticed is that she is still on ICS, but never got a notification to upgrade to JB. I go to Settings>about phone>system upgrades but it tells me that it is unable to check for upgrades please check back later (or something to that extent)

    How can I manually upgrade her to JB to try and fix these glitches?
    Has anyone else had issues with Chrome?

    Thank you in advance
    07-03-2013 06:54 AM
  2. Evilnut's Avatar
    I use Chrome Beta sometimes, but have gone back to using the stock browser. It seems chrome & chrome beta work excellent on my Nexus 10, but on my Droid4 it struggles & takes forever to render pages when using them. I think chrome runs much better on a more powerful device. Not sure what you mean about the pics, can you elaborate more as to the specifics? In regards to not getting the JB update and not being able to check for updates, that sounds like something that you should call Verizon about. Maybe they can force the update to your phone. Otherwise, try a factory reset as a last resort?

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    07-05-2013 11:36 AM

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