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    ok, so i bought a droid 4 from a friend, got a decent deal on the phone, i went and bought straight talks byop thing. they have sim cards for at&t and t-mobile. so i rooted the phone thinking i could gain access too the apn and change the build info from verizon too at&t or4 to straight talk. that didn't work, or at least i can't figure out how too make it work. so i called motorola, they said they don't have the unlock code and i needed to get a hold of verizon, i called verizon, the tech guy there said he wasn't allowed too give out the unlock code, he seemed like he wanted too but was paranoid about his call being monitored, he said the phone can be unlocked and the apn changed too any carrier tho. so i am stuck trying too figure out how too do it. i literally have searched google, tried numerous programs, tried numerous tips, to no avail, nothing seems too give me access too editing the apn and or changing the build number and system version too get rid of the verizon. does anyone on here have any idea's or tips i can try?
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    11-24-2013 03:41 AM
  2. Shirley E's Avatar
    I need the same help!
    02-11-2014 10:29 AM

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