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    I've noticed that my screen will flicker a bit lately so I've been concerned something is broken/lose in side. Today, things went south and now I can only use the phone when I open the screen. With the phone turned on, if I press the power button the screen backlight and home (etc) keys sometimes turn on but the display does not show. Other times there will be a static image on the screen (like snow on a TV but with color too, mostly white). I can't pull the battery to reset as I don't have a torx with me, so after a number of attempts using the power+volume down reset it will reset. Sometimes this will reset, others it will go straight to static screen again. I was noticing that touching the screen seemed to make everything flicker of slide (like an old cable descrambler if that makes sense).

    I found a post somewhere that suggested setting rendering to GPU only. After making that change, I seem to be a bit more stable and haven't seen the static screen. However, I'm still having issues with the power button in that I can only use the phone when the keyboard is open. With it closed, the power button does not do anything. But, if the keyboard is open, all phone calls will be speaker phone, so this is not a solution either.

    I'm at a loss and really need some help figuring out a solution. I am well past a free upgrade, but I don't like non-qwerty phones. The only modern slide qwerty is the Blackberry PRIV, but it's probably not free and I don't even know if Verizon carries it. It's also kinda big and the keyboard is the wrong direction. If I can't fix this, I'm either stuck upgrading to a non-qwerty (sucks) or have to buy an old Droid4 off ebay to hold me over to the (hopefully some day) release of something new (Droid5?).
    03-28-2016 05:42 PM
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    Droid 4 only works with keyboard open-img_2897.jpgI may have to look into the PRIV today. I found that if I hold the phone in the right position (keyboard pushed at the right angle), the phone worked correctly. But, after a few minutes, that stopped working too. It was working until this morning if I slid it open and pressed the power button, but now it's doing the static screen thing again.

    I tried pulling the battery but did not recover today.
    03-29-2016 09:38 AM

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