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    I am using a Droid Maxx 2 in a '16 Honda Pilot. (I have never had BT in a car before, so maybe the issues are not specific to the Pilot.)

    I am finding that the only way to get any audio from the phone to the car (other than incoming calls) via BT is to leave the car audio system on BT, as the phone will not interrupt, e.g., FM. As a result, notifications from Maps and all other applications simply go into the ether. Is this a “bug” or a “feature”? (I know that I can tell Maps to not use BT, but that is not a viable answer.)

    This occurs w/ Google app (i.e., tapping on the mic icon), as well.

    This is all in addition to the problems I am having with Moto Voice, where my Moto launch phrase is recognized by the phone and (sometimes) I get a dialog box on the car to transfer, but then it drops any connection.

    I have been told by Motorola that the only way to hear ANY BT output from the phone is to have the audio input be set to BT, and if the input is set to other than BT, the audio is simply lost. And, (despite the fact that it will for calls) there is no functionality for the audio from the phone to interrupt other media, unless the system is set to BT input. I have a hard time believing this is correct.
    07-26-2016 02:50 PM
  2. doogald's Avatar
    Yep, that sounds right. Calls should automatically interrupt, but if you want bt audio, it has to be set to bt as the input.

    Thankfully you can listen to music (or even to fm stations using an app) on bt so it's not like the car has to be silent. In that case, apps like maps will interrupt or talk over the audio that is playing.
    07-26-2016 03:47 PM

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