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    Just a note before I get into things. I don't know how many people use the twisting motion to open the camera, but after looking at the inside of this phone, I would recommend against that. There's another way to quickly open the camera. Go to Settings --> Display. The 6th option is "Press power button twice for camera", enable it.


    About a week ago, my rear camera went out. Actually, I first noticed because the Flashlight option disappeared from the pull-down menu. I tried all the usual software fixes: rebooting, rebooting into safe mode, doing a factory reset. None of these worked.

    So, I went on eBay, got a Droid Maxx 2 camera (about 21 bucks US), and I just replaced it. It's pretty quick. Here's what you need.

    • T4 torx screwdriver.
    • Small flat head screwdriver.
    • Spudger/guitar pick. I also used a gift card.
    • Replacement camera from eBay or wherever.
    • I used a spoon to hold all the little screws.

    Watch this video on how to tear down the Maxx 2. You only need to go as far as battery removal.

    Once you have the battery out, locate the rear camera, and remove the tape holding its ribbon cable in. Pull on the camera toward the top of the phone. The cable should slide out.

    Position the new cable right where the old one came out. Use the spudger or a small flat head screwdriver to push the cable in. Put the tape back, then put the rest of the phone back together. I strongly recommend screwing the 4 corners and power & volume buttons in, re-inserting the sd/sim carrier, then testing the camera. If it works, you can put the rest of the screws in.
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    Welcome to Android Central, and thanks for the tutorial!
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