1. alee's Avatar
    Using an iPad cover, or reasonably strong refrigerator magnet, there seems to be 2 different modes that will be triggered on the phone, depending on where you put the magnet.

    Centered on the back of the phone, just below the Motorola logo, you will trigger DayDream mode.

    Placed near the left side (the side without the power and volume buttons), you will trigger car mode.

    Have fun!
    08-29-2013 09:42 PM
  2. qonic's Avatar
    I just took apart a car mount for a droid x and seen a little mag that triggers the car mode now when i use a small speaker mag the desk top mode
    comes on. i'll try it on my maxx on what you'er saying.
    03-12-2014 12:21 PM
  3. perkdog65's Avatar
    03-12-2014 05:17 PM
  4. steveg2112's Avatar
    discovered another aspect of using magnets. The polarity of the magnet determines the mode, daydream or car mode. I was trying some different small magnets to connect to a car mount and desk mount to turn on these modes and was getting different results each time, some times I would get car mode other times daydream and figured out that it is the magnets polarity not the position on the back of the phone (as was mentioned in another thread) that determines the mode. I can't say which way around the polarity works (if its north pole for car mode and south for daydream or the other way round) but it is easy to determine by just turning the magnet over or moving it as necessary to bring the other pole in to play.
    So to summarize, there is only one position that a magnet works, half way along edge of phone opposite volume rocker, polarity of magnet determines car or daydream.
    05-08-2014 11:35 AM

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