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    Is anyone using a pouch for this phone? If so which one? I tried using the standard universal one that i got with my Bionic, but it's a very tight fit and I was looking for a better option. I don't use a case, so it doesn't have to be so big to fit that as well
    08-31-2013 07:56 PM
  2. loooney2ns's Avatar
    I am using one I had for my Razr. It was too big for that but it works for the Maxx. I usually go one size smaller with the generic cases. I see what it's recommended for and then check Phonescoop for the measurements of the phone. If it's too small, you can stretch the case. Soak it in water and then use flat cardboard cut the size of your phone. Keep putting more cardboard in until the case starts to stretch. It may take a few tries, but it should stretch enough for the phone to slide in and out easily. Just let it dry with the cardboard in it.

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    08-31-2013 09:16 PM

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