1. ::Montgomery::'s Avatar
    And I could not be more impressed with the battery and performance. Two of my coworkers had iPhone 5's, in which they had multiple problems with the networks abroad and of course, battery life. Hands down this is the best traveling smart phone I have ever purchased.

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    10-07-2013 01:59 AM
  2. DASHAUS's Avatar
    Did you use local Sims or the Verizon international plan?

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    10-07-2013 02:01 AM
  3. ::Montgomery::'s Avatar
    Used the international plan in the Philippines. Coverage was great!

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    10-07-2013 08:06 AM
  4. perkdog65's Avatar
    Yep...Mine worked great while I was in Madrid, Spain with the Verizon international plan.
    10-07-2013 08:26 AM
  5. byitb's Avatar
    were you able to manage with the 100mb?
    seems awfully little, especially with background syncing and such
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    10-07-2013 10:47 AM
  6. Snareman's Avatar
    I'm going to Germany next week with mine. I got a KeepGo.com sim after hearing good reviews of it from some people that used it. Apparently our phones come unlocked Verizon tells me (is that everyone's experience?) My friend with his iPhone 5s is out of luck. He said ATT told him you can't unlock an iPhone while still under contract. sux2bhim. So he has to pay big prices via ATT for not much data compared to my $7/100mb/day. Also, he's bought an external charger. I told him I don't need one because I have a phone with a real battery.

    In response to the above post - I seem to only use around 800mb/month and that's with downloading apps. So 100mb/day for 5 days should be plenty.
    10-07-2013 10:54 AM
  7. DASHAUS's Avatar
    Great to hear

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    10-07-2013 11:07 AM
  8. alee's Avatar
    Roamed in Canada yesterday for several hours and had some pretty exceptional performance roaming on my Verizon SIM. Rock solid signal in places that my iPhone 5S couldn't hold onto a signal. Cell performance overall is pretty spectacular but not surprising considering radios is one of Motorola's core strengths.
    10-08-2013 08:34 AM
  9. Snareman's Avatar
    Can you all confirm that the phone is indeed unlocked for a third party sim? Just want to verify what verizon told me before I get to Europe and have a problem

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    10-08-2013 09:16 AM
  10. perkdog65's Avatar
    were you able to manage with the 100mb?
    seems awfully little, especially with background syncing and such
    If you were asking me... I elected to use only the international calling and text portion as it was a short trip. So once in Spain (actually before I left ATL) I disabled mobile data all together and used WiFi for any data type stuff on the Maxx. The calling and text worked fine and I had good signal all around. I could get WiFi in the hotel of course and most of the cafes around town too so it wasn't a big deal for me not to have mobile data.
    10-08-2013 04:41 PM

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