1. Barry Adler's Avatar
    Without my doing anything, save turn both devices on, my Sony Blu-ray player, which also has a DLNA function, recognizes (or once recognized) my Droid Maxx. But (at least now) the icon for the phone on the Blu-ray player is not lit, which is a signal (based on my other devices that are DLNA servers) that the phone was once connected but is no longer present even though the phone is on and connected to the same router; attempting to connect the phone through the icon on the Blu-ray menu predictably yields "server not available." I checked the Maxx user's manual and found nothing for DLNA; I loaded BubbleUp, which found the DLNA server embedded in my router, but did nothing best I could tell to allow the Blu-ray player to draw from the phone; BubbleUp was, in short, incomprehensible to me.

    So any advice would be welcome on how to simply have the Blu-ray player draw from the phone. Any step-by-step advice, or the location of where I can find such advice, would be much appreciated. It would be great of course if I could use the phone to push content, though I know that's not in the cards for DLNA.

    One last thing: the Blu-ray player is ancient (or at least as ancient as it can be to have a DLNA function) and I frequently run into "no playable content" messages even when it can find a DLNA server, such as the WiDi on my Windows 8 laptop (which in the troubleshooting tells me that some DLNA devices won't accept content generated by WiDi). So if it's just a fool's errand to try and attach a new Droid Maxx to an old Blu-ray player, and I shouldn't waste my time, that would be useful to know too. Thanks in advance.
    12-07-2013 08:43 AM
  2. like2angle's Avatar
    I use a program called Skifta. Ut allows me to broadcast media from my phone, NAS or computer onto my TV using DLNA!
    Just ask if you have an questions :-)
    12-09-2013 02:55 PM