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    Hey Guys,

    I got a Maxx and love this phone to bits best phone i've ever had. I have searched and searched forums and google for my answer but i can't seem to find the answer if there is one.
    Problem is: all volumes are set to full when i receive a call or make a call when i hang up from the call a volume bar shows up with it all the way to the left like the sound is turned down. The sound from music is muted if i try to play a song however, if i watch a video from FB or IG the sound is fine. When i open settings>sounds>volumes the top one is all the way to the left and if i move it to right the sounds come back. I thought it might've been other apps but i removed everything from the recents list and the problem still occurs. This isn't a huge deal but it can be annoying and doesn't make me hate the phone i'm just curious as to what could be the cause and if it is an easy fix.
    Hope someone has a solution for me. Cheers in advance
    01-12-2014 06:54 PM
  2. Pyro2677's Avatar
    Just out of curiosity i uninstalled Super-Bright LED Flashlight and this has solved my problems. I uninstalled this because i read an article about some of the flashlight apps sending your info out or something like that so i found one now that the only permission is camera and nothing else. I checked all the others and they want access to everything. I also out of curiosity reinstalled the Super-Bright app and i had a strange song playing so yeah i would be careful of this app.
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    01-12-2014 11:34 PM

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