1. rjack22's Avatar
    Is there a way to turn off the update reminder? Or do I have to ignore it everyday? I don't wish to upgrade to KitKat but this daily notification is going to get old quickly.
    01-16-2014 04:53 PM
  2. sforsyth01's Avatar
    I don't know of a way to stop it, but why don't you want to update? I'm absolutely loving kitkat.

    Posted via Android Central App
    01-16-2014 04:55 PM
  3. Toes Up's Avatar
    I was wondering the same thing as the OP. What about a factory data reset?
    01-16-2014 05:09 PM
  4. russel5150's Avatar
    They will eventually force the update.. To be honest kitkat isn't a major update from jellybean.. Comparing say gingerbread to ice cream sandwich. So its not that big of a jump

    droid maxx
    01-16-2014 05:16 PM
  5. kkhanmd's Avatar
    Maybe the OP doesnt want to lose wifi tethering
    Barry Test likes this.
    01-16-2014 05:20 PM
  6. Barry Test's Avatar
    I would also like to know how long the update can be delayed. I would like get a Maxx and still use foxfi in WIFI mode. Bluetooth and USB mode are unexceptable
    01-16-2014 05:27 PM
    I was wondering the same thing as the OP. What about a factory data reset?
    Maybe the OP doesnt want to lose wifi tethering
    Or root!

    Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
    01-16-2014 05:35 PM
  8. YAYTech's Avatar
    I'm interested in this as well, because of the wifi tethering. I keep postponing the update every morning, and it's getting old. As soon as there is a reliable and relatively simple way to enable wifi tether under kitkat (preferably without remaining rooted, so I don't have to worry about future updates screwing something up), I'll be happy to do the update.
    01-16-2014 06:08 PM
  9. rjack22's Avatar
    I am the OP. I don't want to lose my free hot spot which I would if I update to KitKat. I have unlimited data and would have to pay $30 per month for the hot spot otherwise.
    01-16-2014 06:42 PM
  10. jfriend33's Avatar
    You must be rooted. Install uninstall expert from play store. Then browse system apps and freeze MotorolaOTA 1.0

    I am stuck on 4.2.2 rooted with Xposed framework.

    It's a great safe place to be until they find a new exploit for rooting 4.4

    Sent from my XT1080m using Tapatalk
    01-23-2014 05:26 PM

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