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    Hello ... I know our phones do not have an HDMI out port, but I was wondering if there was anyway to use the USB cable to convert HDMI (with an HDMI cable) out so that I can use my phone to watch movies. I don't think there is a way, but if there is, I know someone here will tell me.

    08-23-2014 11:32 AM
  2. jimcapraro's Avatar
    I use this with the MAXX's miracast function works fantastically

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    08-23-2014 11:55 AM
  3. jimcapraro's Avatar
    Pricy but this link has a good discount
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    08-23-2014 11:55 AM
  4. doogald's Avatar
    You can also buy a $35 chromecast for the TV.
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    08-23-2014 07:22 PM
  5. Evilnut's Avatar
    You can also buy a $35 chromecast for the TV.
    This! Works awesome.

    Posted via a beautiful Ebony backed Moto X on Verizon or the amazing Nexus 10 using the Android Central App
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    08-23-2014 07:58 PM
  6. jimcapraro's Avatar
    I have a chromecast also and it does work perfectly but it only works with apps that will cast to the chromecast. The miracast function mirrors the phone - anything you do on the phone will appear on the screen. Also, to use a chromecast both the chromecast and your phone need to be connected to the same wifi network. This is not necessary with miracast in that the Miracast device you connect to the tv transmits a "wifi direct" signal that connects directly to the miracast function on your phone. This makes it ideal for using with a flat panel tv in a hotel room or summer vacation cottage. And, even though the MAXX is connected to miracast device via wifi, the phone can still connect to normal wifi making it possible to stream media over the internet to the tv.
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    08-24-2014 09:04 AM
  7. doogald's Avatar
    Chromecast just added the phone mirroring feature a few weeks ago, didn't it? I don't think the Maxx is supported yet, but it should be coming. You are right about wifi, though.

    But, the op asked about watching movies on a TV from the phone, and the chromecast can definitely do that.
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    08-24-2014 04:25 PM
  8. jimcapraro's Avatar
    @doogald - yep Chromcast does have a beta mirror function that is enabled for some devices, although, as you say, this isn't yet available on the MAXX. I also have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition which does have the chromecast beta screen mirroring capability. At this point in its development it doesn't work for me. Screen freezing, lag, and frequent disconnection make using the chromecast beta mirroring pretty disappointing for the current version. Hopefully this will get better as the software gets updated.

    I bought the chromecast before I purchased the netgear push2tv miracast adapter. And Chromecast works very well for what it was designed for, but lacking screen mirroring (like my previous DOID Bionic & DROID X had via HDMI cable) chromecast fell short. Only movies you have purchased/rented in Google Play, or are available in Netflix can be watched via Chromecast. Videos that have been transferred to the phone can't be displayed, and if you have a Slingbox, you can't cast Slingplayer to chromecast to watch your home cable tv in a remote location. Our home cable provider is Comcast/Xfinity and their moble app does not cast to chromecast. These are some of the reasons why I bought the Netgear Miracast device even though I own a Chromecast.

    And when I travel (frequently) for work I carry a bluetooth keyboard/mouse and love being able to use the netgear Push2TV to display Android Open Office on a hotel room TV to use my MAXX as a laptop replacement. I can also use it with an HDMI to VGA converter to show presentations and power point. For me purchasing the miracast receiver turned out to be the better purchase - I wish my chromecast could do the same.
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    08-25-2014 06:48 AM
  9. doogald's Avatar
    HBO go and hulu apps also work with Chromecast, not just netflix and Google play movies. (There are other services as well - YouTube, of course, and a few others that can be cast to Chromecast.) And, though I haven't used it myself, I understand that the allcast app allows you to send any video file to a Chromecast.

    (I'm not arguing against miracast necessarily, just want to make sure that Chromecast options are fully listed...)

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    08-25-2014 08:47 AM
  10. skatergirl's Avatar
    Flippin Amazon ....

    Amazon is my main issue right now. I am using my tablet for HDMI to the TV, but Amazon has not yet developed an app for its instant streaming movies for Android tablets. Every single iPad tablet is compatible with Amazon, along with Android Phones 4.0 and up, but not Android Tablets.

    Netflix works with everything. Amazon doesn't .... even though I pay for Prime movies and I have purchased movies as well.
    09-20-2014 11:52 AM
  11. psychoD33x's Avatar
    Amazon does have an app now for Android. You can only download it from the Amazon App Store at the moment though
    10-02-2014 08:05 AM

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