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    Not a quick/easy process, this is my first screen repair. There is a disassembly video is on YouTube, that part is the shortest by far.

    Removing the glass from the display/digitizer is the most time consuming part. The first pic is half way through. It's the same process as the galaxy phones apparently, like a note 2 for example.

    So far I am 1.5 hours in. Probably another hour to go. Its a very time consuming process for sure if you've never done it before. To reattach everything you need loca UV glue and double sided tape.

    These instructions are detailed and helpful. I will be following these instructions for the reassembly.


    For the disassembly I used a heat gun and would get the glass hot enough that I could touch it but didn't want to leave my hand there. Didn't crack the display and there is no way that was 200 degrees. Using a playing card was also helpful, just shove it in between the glass and LCD and apply heat. It will separate more and more of the glass until you can push the card in further. Getting started in the corners is the hardest part. There is no display behind the outer edges so you can be more aggressive there.

    Replacing the glass-uploadfromtaptalk1410226741186.jpg Replacing the glass-uploadfromtaptalk1410226708232.jpgReplacing the glass-uploadfromtaptalk1410226717112.jpgReplacing the glass-uploadfromtaptalk1410226726885.jpg
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    09-08-2014 08:43 PM
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    Key step is so attach the frame to the glass with double sided tape before gluing the display to the glass with loca.

    If you do it all together and you use too much loca, the double sided tape won't hold. This is because the layer of loca is too thick.
    09-27-2014 09:06 AM

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