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    I'm trying to determine if Wi-Fi connectivity issues I'm experiencing are a result of a phone issue or something else.

    I'll try to connect to my cable companies Wi-Fi hotspots and what will happen is that it show a status of connecting for a few minutes, then it remains on obtaining IP address for several minutes.

    Other times, the signal strength is 2-3 bars (fair - 2, good - 3). I'll try to connect, but won't be able to do so. Sometimes, I'll try to connect and it the status will change to disabled. Even when the signal is strong (4 bars), I experience connectivity issues.

    In other situations, all Wi-Fi networks will drop off or disappear momentarily before coming back. I've seen this happen with my own wireless network from time to time.

    I attempted to troubleshoot by putting the phone in safe mode. While in safe mode, it seemed like the Wi-Fi signal was stronger.

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    03-28-2015 12:36 PM
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    Sounds like it could be their Wi-Fi that is built in. Typically they are not very strong, don't have good range and are meant for close proximity. I would recommend getting a separate Wi-Fi access point and disable your Wi-Fi on the cable modem. But before you do that test it on some open hotspots to see if you get the same results. Usually stores have a free hotspot to connect to. I have an Apple Airport Extreme which does a really good job.
    03-28-2015 12:44 PM
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    Since it's happening with your cable company's hotspots, I'd go to their office (where you bring a cable box back) and ask if there's someone you can speak to about their hotspots because you can't connect to them. There should be either someone there or a phone number you can call.

    When you do get someone above the level of "read the answers off the screen, and try to make it sound like English", if all else fails, and you have to sign into their hotspots using your cable login and password (some systems are open, some are secured), make sure they're aware of the Android-TKIP-Linksys problem. Some Android phones won't work with a Linksys router with any encryption, some Android phones won't work with TKIP or TKIP+AES on any router. If they have to use encryption they'll have to use AES, and they'll have to do it the way Netgear does it, or they'll have to accept that a large part of their customer base can't use their hotspots (which is a good way to save money - loads of customers going over to the competition means that you need fewer employees. The extreme case is when they lose all their customers and don't need employees at all. That saves them a LOT of money.)
    03-28-2015 04:14 PM
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    The Wi-Fi hotspot that I have difficulty with is Time Warner. Their hotspots are typically something like TWC_WiFi. At the same time, Cable Wi-Fi also shows up. This covers Time Warner, Comcast, Optimum, and maybe one other. Time Warner also has a secure Wi-Fi (TWC Passpoint). Between all three, connectivity issues are the same.

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    03-28-2015 09:50 PM
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    On your phone Under Wifi -> Advanced do you have Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep set to always?

    I have a Time Warner hotspot at work and on the hardware side its a Ruckus wireless access point connected to a cable modem. regardless of CableWifi, TWC Wifi, Passpoint etc.. option) Users are limited to a certain time amount per day unless they sign in with a cable company account. Are you currently signed in? I can leave my phone signed into Passpoint hotspot all work day.
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    04-02-2015 02:57 PM
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    The very first time I accessed a TWC hotspot (non Passpoint), I had to login. Now each time I access the TWC hotspot, it just automatically connects. I always have to sign-in if I use the Passpoint access point. I recently downloaded the TWC WiFi hotspot finder app and discovered that there was one less than .1 miles away from where I was at the current time. Even though I was just .1 mile away, I couldn't get connected.

    I've been trying to troubleshoot with Verizon to look at this issue from the standpoint of a phone issue. The only thing Verizon can suggest is uninstalling some recently installed apps, as that may resolve the problem. They did ask about the hardware, but I don't know what TWC is running on the hardware side for their hotspots.
    04-03-2015 10:18 AM
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    0.1 miles is 528 feet. Wifi ranges are typically no more than 300 feet but that's with no obstructions. Most of the time the limit is more like 30 to 75 feet for usable data bandwidth.
    04-03-2015 12:04 PM
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    If the hotspot won't show up on your phone as an available network then you won't connect. The location is more of a reference point based on the install address. Each hotspot will be installed in a different location since business internet customers get the hotspot for free with a high speed connection. We can put the hotspot anywhere in the building and are under no obligation to keep it on or running.

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    04-06-2015 09:17 PM

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