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    I have entombed my Droid Maxx (xt1080m Obake) in a Lifeproof case (for Droid Turbo). Protection is very good and I like the look. The case slides into and out of my pocket without grabbing and there is virtually no sound distortion (which was a show-stopper with the discontinued Incipio Atlas case). I use a wireless charger and bluetooth music connection, so the case stays well sealed up.

    The one drawback is the inability of the proximity sensor to deal with the front screen protector. I have turned off the sensor for the time being with Xposed Framework, but I would really prefer to adjust the proximity meter sensitivity or to turn off the sensor via BUILDPROP.

    Has anyone succeeded with either of these approaches?

    Alternately, how did the Atlas case deal with the sensor? I threw my Atlas case away eons ago without ever pondering this question.
    11-10-2015 03:41 PM

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