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    My phone is restarting shortly after booting up. I rooted it a while ago, and while it was mostly behaving alright at the time, I think I may have accidentally installed the newest update, and since then, my phone has been restarting fairly consistently after a set amount of time. It restarts around the time it shows me how many new emails it has.

    What's odd, though, is that it restarts even from the recovery menu. Weirder yet, I can't appear to preform a factory wipe, as attempting to do so seems to make the phone simply turn off. I'm starting to wonder if this, in fact, has nothing to do with my rooting my phone or the update and more to do with a hardware issue for my phone. Still, I'd like to know if anyone has encountered something similar or if they can identify what problem I'm having so that I can look into fixing it.

    11-13-2013 12:46 PM
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    I had the same problem. Its not a hardware issue. Its because the rooting method takes over the recovery mode. And you (and I) let the OTA upgrade happen without UN-rooting before downloading and attempting to install it. You are stuck in a boot-loop. FIX: If you have TiBu, as soon as your phone boots up (like even before the icons load... as soon as you possibly can) you have to launch TiBu, goto backup/restore, scroll down as fast as you can to " MotorolaOTA " , " Package installer ", and " Updater " and FREEZE them one at a time. It took me a few tries to get there fast enough before the phone rebooted. But once you do, the OS will stop trying to install the downloaded OTA and getting stuck in the rooted-recovery-mode-bootloop.

    Once you do that you can breathe a bit. Cuz now comes the hard part! In a nutshell, you need to unroot and do a factory reset. But since recovery mode is " broken " from the jcase rooting method, you need to follow a VERY specific set of steps here:

    House of Moto [2.0] - SamuriHL's House Of Moto - DroidRzr.com and further explained here: [GUIDE] House of Moto - xda-developers

    (I know it says RAZR but it applies to the mini as well) Once I got familiar with basic ADB shell commands and got ADB communicating with the mini, and all the files downloaded and read the steps 10 times, the process itself is actually pretty quick. But I cannot stress enough how important it is to follow the steps precisely and to " practice " it way before you actually do it, and have an overall handle on what the guide is telling you to do. You are downloading the Factory Boot .img from a provided link and using HouseOfMoto to reset the phone (while KEEPING your data intact) and then doing the OTA update, and then re-rooting.

    You posted a while ago so maybe you dont have this issue anymore. If not, post again, and if you need any further details I can do my best to help you out. Of course, Im not a whiz programmer and dunno how risky this process is so be sure you want to take the risk of ending up with a bricked phone. In all honesty tho, the guides are well written and I even made a few minor mistakes along the way but just started over and finally it worked like a charm. If youre not a developer it can seem daunting at first but its def worth it! I got my Mini back up and running with the new OTA Update and re-rooted and things have been great since!

    Good Luck!
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    12-05-2013 02:28 AM

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