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    So my GF has a DROID Mini and she's just showed me that when she searches something in the Google app the damn thing will go to a webpage before she's done typing and actually go to that page incorrectly, for example, we were looking for "goodwill express in (where we live)" and the thing will jump to goodwill in San Diego or just the goodwill store site, which we don't live in San Diego, also it will cut her off from finishing typing and just go to the generic goodwill page, I tried typing in anything else and it did the same thing, it would cut you off from typing and go to a page it "thinks" you want, and again she's not pushing the enter button during any of this, simply just typing in where she's looking for and it will cut her off and search for her, which again it takes her to the incorrect page every time, I was wondering why she kept screaming when using her phone, I tried to use it, as I'm our tech nerd, and I too am now screaming. I tried checking the settings but haven't found anything. I've never been a fan of Motorola DRIOD line but the agent said they have gotten better, of course my bad cause I never listen to wireless carrier reps I usually do my research first, but we were in a hurry to just get her a new phone and the price was right. I have a HTC Rezound and its never steered me wrong and I'm going on having it for almost two years now. Anyways can someone gives us an idea of what it might be? do I need to do a reset of her phone? Thank you for your time!
    05-03-2014 12:11 PM

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