1. Bob61's Avatar
    I hope this isn't a duplicate problem, but I've done my searching for this problem and haven't found anything similar. My daughter-in-law has a Droid Pro and has problem charging her phone. It's a bit unusual:

    - Her phone will only occasionally charge from a wall charger. It's not a faulty wall charger as I can plug in my Nexus and it works without a problem (it's actually the charger I use for my Nexus).
    - It appears the problem occurs when her phone is in "dark screen" mode as I was able to initially plug/unplug her phone and it would go into/out of charge mode. When I pressed the power button to put it into "dark screen" mode and plugged it in it would not charge. However as I plugged/unplugged the phone recognized that it was being plugged/unplugged as the screen would light up. It doesn't appear to be a loose USB connector problem as the phone recognizes that it's being plugged/unplugged.
    - If I plug the phone into the computer USB it charges without a problem.
    - I left the charger cord plugged into the phone, unplugged it from the computer and then plugged the USB into my AC wall charger that has a USB plug. Phone would not charge.
    - I then unplugged the USB connector from the AC wall charger and back into the computer and it started charging again. So it seems the USB connector on the phone isn't the problem as I used the same connector each time without removing from the phone.

    The only consistency is it has a problem charging (pretty frequent but not all the time) when plugged into wall charger (and charger is known to work). Has same issue with using car charger. It will charge every time when plugged into a computer. So with that, any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.
    01-07-2012 05:17 PM
  2. georgekastanza's Avatar
    I tried to reply already, but the system seems to have lost it. Sorry if it appears twice. The problem seems to be in the Android software. A friend and I started having this exact same problem today. We both have Android phones. Mine is a Samsung Galaxy. Not sure what model hers is. We are both on Verizon. Both of our phones automatically updated the Android software in the last few days. Car chargers seem to work more reliably, but other than that, I think we just have to wait for Google (yes, Google wrote the Android software) to fix this problem
    01-07-2012 06:40 PM