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    Hi there ....

    My mom has a Droid Pro and I am having problems with Latitude.

    I have sent the friends requests between phones. I recevied the request on my phone and now I see her. However, I see the request on her phone but when I click to accept and share, nothing happens. The request remains. If I click on don't share, the request goes away and I lose her on my phone.

    Has anyone experienced this problem? I have updated her app and re-sent the request and it still behaves the same way.

    Thank you for anyone who might be able to shed some light on this issue.
    04-20-2012 11:32 AM
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    If anyone else is having a latitude problem, go to the below link where my HTC Rezound friends reside. They are trying to help me diagnose the problem.

    04-21-2012 09:51 AM