1. irkenmodelgir's Avatar
    I am a current BB Tour user, and while BB was the first smartphone I had gotten into, Verizons 2 year deals and android coming out with within these two years I was stuck.

    I have about 9 months left and was watching to see where the phones were going (seeing as how every month there is a release of 3 new android OS devices). When I saw the PRO this morning I was greatly happy. Physical keyboard that is close to BB's so little to no adapt time and the OS that I really want, with the business level security.

    My only problem, (and it is quite small seeing as i might get the device regardless) is that my current job does not allow for phones to have cameras on them. Currently on Verizons website there is only one real smartphone type that allows for this and it is BlackBerry.

    I called both Motorolla and Verizon this morning and both had no idea on the matter. But I am wondering if this device (or the many verisons to come in the next 8-9 months) will eventually adopt the Cameraless style for secure facalitys.

    Would there also be a way to attract Moto into this style of phone if they ignore it as well?

    Just an observation and a question that I would like to put towards you all.
    10-07-2010 08:51 AM
  2. tack's Avatar
    A lot of business and government users will have this issue. BlackBerry phones have been one of the only smartphone options without cameras. However, I would bet the overall market size is very small for phones without cameras.

    Still, if a company would put out an Android phone with true encrypted messaging/data and a camera delete option, they would break a strong hold RIM has on government and business!
    10-07-2010 05:26 PM
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    hmmm weird
    12-23-2010 12:16 AM