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    Note: Any carrier bashing in this thread will be deleted without hesitation. If you can help unlock the Droid Pro to work on AT&T or T-Mobile, this is the place for it.

    We've got a couple of threads on this already, but this will be the official one for anyone trying to get the Droid Pro working on AT&T and T-Mobile.

    Worked on this for a little while now. SIM unlocking and inserting an AT&T SIM card gets you this:

    We've opened up some of the db files and managed to get that unlocked, but then the radio shut down entirely, so we're kind of back to square one.
    11-17-2010 09:30 AM
  2. mojonation1487's Avatar
    God I frickin hope this phone can be unlocked. AT&T seriously needs an android phone. I know they have some but come on! They suck! Even the captivate isn't that good.
    11-17-2010 02:54 PM
  3. Jerry Hildenbrand's Avatar
    11-17-2010 10:59 PM
  4. Burkett1983's Avatar
    Any progress on unlocking this?
    05-01-2011 10:12 AM
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    In a world where there were rudimentary smart phones, networks that were years ahead of devices is where I once sat as a tier three technical support coordinator for Verizon Wireless (in a legacy Bell Atlantic Mobile territory). I was in service when the PRL (Preferred Roaming List) was nearly sci-fi. Analog phones still existed, worked all over, and there was simply no pleasing some customers who thought their Star-Tac was supposed to communicate with the starship enterprise. In the latter part of my tenure, PRL's, digital only, and CDMA EVDO all came to fruition. Analog was beginning to be shut down, smart phones were beginning to become more popular than Blackberry devices. My last interaction with that world was June 2005.
    So, with all of that out of the way, and being that I understand VZW and their ways, I would offer this; The 850/1900 GSM on any VZW phone equipped with such radio would only work domestically if VZW wished for it to do so (highly doubtful for now). We all know that the advent of the PRL in a CDMA phone was a way to hamper billing issues, as well as make automatic roaming "automatic". So, we also know that a GSM phone does not use a PRL the same way a CDMA phone does (or at least this is my understanding). At any rate, I believe it's the proprietary software, and of course the PRL that will not allow this "Domestic" roaming or unlocking of the phone. Until VZW allows any domestic GSM roaming or unlocking of it's phones, I suppose the only place 850/1900 GSM usage of a VZW device will be in Mexico and Central/South America.
    Good luck on this though, I would like to see if it can be done.
    10-02-2011 09:57 AM