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    Since I've had by DP synced to my Fusion, it has arbitrarily disabled itself from my 2010 Fusion Sync system while in an active call. When I get home, and attempt to "re-sync" it; before I get to the step to enter the password, the two systems "find each other". I find this puzzling. Anyone else with the Pro or other Droids seen this before? Do I need to turn on/off something in my phone (or Sync system) to stop this?
    12-12-2010 05:30 PM
  2. Mr. Violence's Avatar
    This happens in my Ford Focus with my Droid Incredible from time to time. Sync is just shoddy software. I can almost guarantee it's not the phone. Since day 1, I've had problems with Sync. A lot of the time, I just turn the car off and open the door to reset Sync.

    It's not efficient, especially if you're driving, but Sync can be a real pain in the ***. When this happened to me, both Sync and my phone showed that it was connected, but when I checked the status of the connection on my phone it just said "Connecting..."

    I know this doesn't really help, but maybe it can shed a little light on the situation.
    12-15-2010 01:33 PM
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    What happens if you just toggle BT on and off on a homescreen widget or from within settings? Just doesn't reconnect?
    12-15-2010 04:12 PM
  4. Mr. Violence's Avatar
    12-15-2010 04:17 PM
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    I just got my Pro on Friday. Haven't noticed connect/disconnect problems, but I widget BT off when I'm in the office and turn it back on at the car. This may be eliminating that problem for me. You may want to be sure the phone is the "main device" on your vehicle. We had issues with 2 phones and it not recognizing which one to use.

    However.... I cannot voice dial on Sync now. Every time I say "Call ____", she comes back that the contact is "unavailable". I've downloaded my phonebook to the car, so what is the problem? Anyone else with this issue?
    01-04-2011 07:43 PM
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    Bluetooth issues were fixed in the update that came out a couple of weeks ago (at least for me it was). This is why you're not seeing any BT problems with your new DPro, its already got the update.

    Sent from the DPro
    01-07-2011 12:14 AM
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    I have the motorola droid 2. Have the same problem with the disconnecting. This is a PAIN!
    01-24-2011 03:55 PM
  8. mxjoe35's Avatar
    I JUST got the phone a couple weeks ago and there are no updates. I just bought a 2011 f150...so everything should be up to date.
    01-24-2011 03:56 PM
  9. mxjoe35's Avatar
    UPDATE...I went to ford and they did a complete reboot of the system and my phone...pulled the batter on phone and pulled power off sync to reboot it. They said turn off "Auto Phonebook Download" in sync after it is downloaded the first time, and turn off WiFi on the phone. Everything worked great for about 10days, then were back to the same old stuff of disconnecting and voice dial not finding names...ect.
    02-28-2011 11:02 AM

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