1. leingod's Avatar
    I just updated my droid and can't get to my bootloader now to install roms. I am trying to install the bugless beast rom but can't get to it. The droid just keeps rebooting the moto logo until I stop holding down the x/power button. what do i do? Whole reason for me to root was to enjoy the custom roms. What do i do to fix this?
    07-17-2010 09:47 PM
  2. nox's Avatar
    Are you using ROM manager?
    If you are just flash another recovery and flash back, and maybe enable the option that clears the recovery image prior to flashing.

    - Jorge
    07-17-2010 09:54 PM
  3. leingod's Avatar
    Testing it out now. I'll let you know if it works in a few more minutes.

    *Edit* Still haven't gotten it. It just won't load into recovery. It will stay on the moto logo screen for a few minutes and then just bootup the phone like normal. The phone itself is also rather laggy.

    *Edit2* I am going to try and flash the alternate recovery on rom manager. SPRecovery 0.99.3b Got into recoery finally. I am wiping the data/cache now. Will this screw up froyo?

    *edit3* I wiped data/facory/cache. But it keeps aborting the .zip for bugless beast and I can perform a nandroid backup. Keep getting error code 21. Wtf....
    07-17-2010 10:01 PM
  4. nox's Avatar
    So you can get into the recovery?
    I'm guessing the zip file is probably corrupt. I recommend downloading it again, hopefully it'll work.

    - Jorge
    07-17-2010 10:40 PM
  5. leingod's Avatar
    I have literally no idea what I did but I got the recovery working and got BB installed again. I am freakin shot now...

    Thank you for the help. I'll look into it more tomorrow when I can actually think again.
    07-18-2010 12:44 AM
  6. nox's Avatar
    No problem. Feel free to ask for help! If I'm not able to someone else will.

    - Jorge
    07-18-2010 12:56 AM
  7. leingod's Avatar
    One fast thing. If I have a custom rom running, can i also load a theme? And what exactly are some fun things to do with BB? Along with some good apps for rooted droids?
    07-18-2010 01:19 AM