1. beloved1228's Avatar
    I went to try to root my Droid and got to the end where it powered back up and said I had to reactivate my phone. it force calls *228 and i have the option 1 or 2. I click on to reactivate and am told to hold while they pull my info up and a min later the automated voice come back saying my phone cannot be activated at this time... any Ideas or am I SOL? Also I am trying to get 2.2 on my droid. what is the best one to use? looking for flash and wifi tethering... any help would be Great! Thanks!
    07-18-2010 12:32 AM
  2. p08757's Avatar
    Go back to stock?
    07-18-2010 10:28 AM
  3. ebruot's Avatar
    just keep trying. You might have called while verizon was doing maintainance on their network. Also make sure you have a good signal when you make the call.
    07-18-2010 10:47 AM
  4. Chillout80s's Avatar
    I didn't have to call to reactivate my droid when I rooted and then went to 2.2, I did though have to reset up my google account but that's about it. I would try back at a later time or call their customer service and ask them if they can manually activate for you.

    IMO, try bugless beast v.04, I just flashed that last night and so far it's awesome!
    07-18-2010 12:28 PM
  5. thebizz's Avatar
    Yeah just call ran into this issue a few times they will do a manual activation for you takes a few mins nothing big
    07-18-2010 01:43 PM
  6. beloved1228's Avatar
    Sweet, Update. I tried to sign on my VZW account and could not so I went to sleep. I got up and around 12pm I tried again and it worked! I am running 2.2 BBv.04! love Froyo
    07-18-2010 01:58 PM
  7. UserError's Avatar
    Same thing happened to me a month or so ago after I did the baseband update -- apparently midnight-ish is a bad time to try and activate a phone because I was trying to do it at the same time. Maybe Verizon works on server maintenance/upgrades that late at night .....
    07-18-2010 05:12 PM
  8. Scatabrain's Avatar
    This happened to me. Even though I have good signal I moved to a window and it activated. Don't know if it actually helped but I was able to activate that way.

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    07-18-2010 09:00 PM
  9. Chillout80s's Avatar
    congrats! glad it worked out for ya....it's amazing what can fix itself when you just sleep on it sometimes..LOL
    07-18-2010 09:13 PM
  10. Leoch's Avatar
    I need help - I found a droid 2 & not thinking, completly erased everything (without looking at the number), I want to reset it.Can I without the phones number or adding a plan?
    10-25-2012 09:00 PM