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    I've searched these and other forums, I'm not seeing this problem anywhere else, but still hoping someone can help me out here.

    Last week I rooted and installed BB v0.4, everything went more or less smoothly, but I am having a few issues.

    After a reboot 2/5 times or so the phone freezes and becomes unresponsive (not sluggish, just flat out not doing anything) occasionally I begin getting force closes in Launcher, but normally I have to do the lock+r hold down to reboot. Gallery and music player and rignopro didn't see images or music file or ringtones in them as well.

    I had a lot more of this issue the first time I tried this, I didn't factory reset or clear the cache more than once, and I had a lot of crap on my sd card. So I decided to start fresh again.

    Here's my original issue, I didn't get much help.: Freezes and Force Close - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum

    This is what I did since that post

    Backed up my SD Card to my laptop and wiped it clean. Put back my BBv0.4 rom into the root directory, renamed to update.zip

    Booted into Clockwork Recovery, factory reset of phone 3 times, cache clear 3 times (I've read this is recommended but not sure why, figured it couldn't hurt)

    Installed the bbv0.4, booted into the os.

    Turned on WiFi (no data service at my house) and signed into my google account. Then I let it sit for an hour and a half, I was told in the BBv0.4 forums that froyo would restore my apps, but nothing happened.

    The phone seemed stable enough, so I restored my Pictures, ringtones and music. Gallery recognized my pictures and added them back, but music player and ringopro are not seeing music or ringtones on the SD card /mnt/sdcard/media/audio/notifications , /mnt/sdcard/media/audio/ringtones , /mnt/sdcard/music (I'm least concerned by this issue at the moment)

    I started adding back my applications, Heres what I added back before it started acting funny

    Barcode Scanner
    G-Backup Full
    Sky Map
    Ringo Pro
    Shoot Me
    SMS Backup
    Sms Backup & Restore
    LauncherPro (free)

    Everything seems to be going fine at this point, so I do a nandroid backup from the clockwork recover (or maybe the sbfrecovery)

    Boot back into BBv0.4

    Things start out a bit sluggish when I first load up, so I leave it alone. Phone freezes and reboots itself. Goes back into BB, I leave it alone for 5 minutes, open it up everything seems ok. Then I notice the Sync arrows icon, and the phone becomes unresponsive, freezes again, I leave it alone, and 15 minutes later it's reset itself.

    I read on the BB Forums that some phones can't handle an overclocked 800mhz kernel, so I download p3's standard voltage 600mhz kernel and install that. However there's no change in the phones behavior, it runs great for a bit then resets itself while charging at my desk, sometimes it comes back behaving fine for awhile, other times I can't get past the unlock screen and have to do a lock+r reboot.

    Anyone have any ideas on what I've done wrong or a setting or a tweak that may help? stock 2.1 was running great, except for my clutter on my SD card I had no complaints, I don't suspect the phone's hardware is messed up, it seems like something I've installed or a setting I am not aware I need to change or I missed a step along the way.

    Hoping someone can help me or point me in the right direction for help. Thanks a ton.
    07-26-2010 12:08 PM
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    I would assume that it is one of those apps. I have never used the following apps
    smsbackup & restore
    My phone works flawlessly, try uninstalling these apps and see if they have issues with froyo.
    07-26-2010 03:01 PM
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    Alright, thank you. I will give that a shot. On this boot the phone is running GREAT, no lock ups or freezes for about 2 hours now. I'm gonna remove those apps one by one

    ---just fyi---
    ShootMe is just a screen capture app that requires root, I don't really need it I was just playing with it.

    GBackup Full automatically copies photos, videos, sms, mms, phone logs to a gmail account for backing things up, I really like it and haven't found another app that does the same thing. Any suggestions to replacing that? It went off the market awhile back, but I paid for it and it still lets me download it.

    Sms backup & restore does exactly what it says, backsup sms messages to an xml file and then can restore them to the phone if something happens, been using it forever and claims to be froyo compatible
    07-26-2010 03:17 PM