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    Bought a used Motorola Droid. Upon arrival works great, looks great. I discover it already has Superuser Permissions installed. I download setCPU and Rom Manager and download a P3Droid 1.25 ghz overclock. It worked great, got wifi tethering and Adobe Flash 10.1 installed. THEN discovered I couldn't update Google Maps from the Android Market. I attempted a recovery ROM temporarily and now I can't go back. Universal Androot says my phone is currently rooted but I open SetCPU says I don't have root access, and when I attempt to do anything in ROM Manager an error comes up and says "An error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands". I checked superuser permissions and nothing is there and when I install these programs it never comes up asking for root access. I also cannot uninstall Superuser permissions. Can anyone help??
    Oh, and also attempted RSDlite and USB drivers installed and it won't detect my phone. Thanks to anyone who can get me out of this mess.
    09-08-2010 03:16 PM
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    Unfortunately, it sounds like an update stripped your root permissions.
    Tell us a lil more. Did you install the FRG22D OTA update. If so, did you loose your permissions after the install? Clockwork recovery (if installed) *should* have blocked the update install, but have heard of it slipping by per user action. If it does, you will loose root.

    Only way that I know of is to copy 2.1 to your SD card via computer/card reader.
    Manually boot into recovery to install 2.1. (or RSD lite if no driver conflict is present)
    Install custom rom of choice or your preferred rom backup.
    09-08-2010 05:04 PM
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    Well, I had P3-Droid, then when I went back in and installed a Stock FG01B (i think that's right) then I think it automatically updated to the 22 whatever when I was reinstalling all my apps it snuck in there. So, that is what I thought was my phone was no longer rooted, but one rooting program said I was, but SetCPU and Rom Manager said no root access but the Superuser Permissions was on there still.
    I downloaded 2.1 and it wouldn't go through the recovery it said failed and gave some error number. That was with downloading the ROM and placing it on MicroSD and renaming it to update.zip.
    So anyways I finally went through Motorola online update and got the correct drivers for RSDlite and then ran SPRecovery, but that really effed up my phone because it went unresponsive then upon rebooting phone the battery icon was red with a slash through it and another message telling me to plug in a charger but it was still hooked up to my computer. I wiped the SD card of any evidence and took back to Verizon, they are sending me a brand new one. So I guess case closed for now. But I will still take suggestions so I can understand what the eff happened.. Thanks all!!!
    09-08-2010 08:48 PM
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    Generally, the click to root programs can tell you a fib. I saw this happen on a friends D1 (used easy root prior to update) when he received/installed the FRG22 update. EasyRoot claimed he still had root access, but he didn't. He also ended up with the red line thorough the battery. I managed to get the phone booted but it had multiple issues. Kept rebooting on it's own there for a bit.

    Being that he prevously had a rooted rom backup and several custom rom backups, we opted to nuke and pave his phone.
    -Grabbed the moto_droid2.01.sbf and loaded SPRecovery_for_ese81.sbf via RSD onto the card ... I can grab a link if needed.
    -Booted into recovery (holding up on dpad during power up) This took 3 tries.
    -Walah! Phone now boots and loads 2.1 Ahh the sweet memories.
    -Oh look! Dog is dry humping a fluffy toy in living room. Back to what I was doing....
    -Manually rooted the phone.
    -Installed Clockwork, busybox, etc.. (the essientials in opinion of some)
    -Restored a backup of preference and all was well.
    09-08-2010 10:08 PM
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    Well, got my new Droid. Successfully rooted the stock FRG22D with RSDlite and Motorola online update. Everything is working great now. Got wifi tethering working and Flash 10.1 was released in Android Market so didn't have to worry about that. I downloaded Rom Manager but I am afraid to install anything for now but I am sure I will get there. The Droid's performance could be a lot better. Got the 800mhz going but still dreaming about that 1.25ghz. Maybe that will have to wait a year and a half for the Droid 4 or I may go HTC if they get a good slider out by then. Thanks for the help!!!!!
    09-12-2010 11:47 PM