1. Homindroid's Avatar
    Hey all! I have started a blog that has benchmarks for a couple of DROID custom ROMS. As of now their are two roms benchmarked with more coming soon!

    And yes this is my first post, I'm a dedicated lurker looking to be more productive within the android community.

    09-14-2010 09:02 PM
  2. rw6497's Avatar
    I'm using ultimate droid 1.0. running quadrant, I got a score of 1057. before running the rom and using stock rom, my bench score was 720...
    10-21-2010 05:03 AM
  3. BluePLanetMan's Avatar
    Nice work! I just installed LFY over CM6 to play with it, looks pretty nice. I can't figure out how some people are able to overclock so high, anytime I try to overclock, on any rom over 1ghz I bootloop at the M. I have tried all kinds of ROMS. Is it specific to Droid hardware? I have an original Droid. Just curious how some people hit such high scores...
    10-24-2010 08:24 AM
  4. rw6497's Avatar
    Actually I just got a higher score of 1187. I haven't touched overclock. I believe that ultimate droid comes already overclockedso no need to mess with it. Also have flashed chevyno 1 kernal. They say with stock kernal u will get better battery life but then you can't tether so Ide rather have the modded kernal. I too have the original droid.
    10-24-2010 08:31 AM
  5. rw6497's Avatar
    did I mention how really complete ultimate droid 1.0 is? No FCs and no random reboots what so ever. I have autokiller set to optimal. Just really can't say enough about this sweet rom...
    10-24-2010 08:35 AM
  6. jkfsr's Avatar
    Got a 1492 quadrant score. Running BB VO.5, slayher kernel. Pretty happy with that.
    11-19-2010 09:39 AM
  7. rw6497's Avatar
    pretty impressive. Wondering how some are getting into the 1700's?...
    11-19-2010 09:43 AM
  8. mdlissner's Avatar
    Try Ultimate Droid 2 using the 1.2GHz Slayher Kernel.

    Some scores I got

    with 1GHz max throttle on CPU - 1300
    with 1.1GHz max throttle on CPU - 1397
    with 1.2GHz max throttle on CPU - 1651 (WOW)

    Battery really heats up though at 1.2GHz.
    11-19-2010 11:40 AM
  9. Sploinkin's Avatar
    I ran a 1322 with just Slayher 1100MHz kernel and stock rom.

    Edit: I just ran it again letting my phone settle down after a reboot and got 1508. Nice to see an OG Droid out-benchmark a Nexus One 2.2+
    11-19-2010 01:36 PM
  10. SolidOrange's Avatar
    stats in sig!

    11-20-2010 09:36 AM
  11. appmy's Avatar
    1016 at 800mhz. Stock 2.2. Runs like a dream.

    Trying CM6.1 RC4 tonight.
    11-22-2010 09:37 PM
  12. appmy's Avatar
    1016 at 800mhz. Stock 2.2. Runs like a dream.

    Trying CM6.1 RC4 tonight.
    CM6.1 RC4 at 800mhz comes in at 1144
    11-23-2010 04:44 PM
  13. jpr122955's Avatar
    1468 on BB 6.2.1, P3 LV 1100, Max set at 1000
    02-02-2011 08:30 AM
  14. Sploinkin's Avatar
    858 on CM7 build 20
    stock kernel is 800mhz
    02-02-2011 09:29 AM
  15. darkmatter's Avatar
    1419 with sourcery1.3, 1.2 slahyer kernal and CPU boost.

    Sent from my Sourcery using Tapatalk
    02-02-2011 11:15 AM
  16. scarryman04's Avatar
    Project Elite v4.2/ Slayher 1.1Ghz Kernel
    02-03-2011 10:17 AM