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    All Credit for the hack and steps goto Alldroid.org and the hack founder Zinx
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    I'm including a easier step by step for those wanting to root there phones without needing to merge and edit/rename etc. If this is a duplicate sorry and ill delete it, if not enjoy.

    -Download the merged Superuser.zip/2.01 update file.

    -Copy the file to your SD card's top directory /Sdcard

    -Shut down the phone

    -Turn on the phone while holding power and X on the keyboard

    -When you see the Recovery Menu icon (!) Press Volume up+Camera Button
    -Choose to load the update

    To Confirm you have Root:
    -Download form the marketplace Drocap2 for Root Users


    If Drocap2 works you have root, Grats!

    -=Pic using Drocap2 and Android Terminal Emulator

    *Needed Disclaimer, I take no responsibility for anything and everything that can happen during or after you decide to root your device. Rooting the Droid gives you Admin access to your device so all the failsafes Motorola designed into the device to prevent you and/or the latest greatest marketplace root program from bricking your phone will be bypassed. The hack due to its infacy and lack of recovery rom is expected to be used by individuals who understand the consequences of such.
    12-10-2009 09:10 AM
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    when i am in the recovery, click on the apply sdcard:update.zip, it says finding update, opening update, verifying update, and after that if says E: failed to open /sdcard/update.zip (no such file or directory), then E:signature verificatin failed, installation aborted.

    how do if fix this?
    07-20-2010 11:41 AM
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    You can't the loop was closed with 2.1 you will either need to sbf back to 2.01 or just apply the 2.1 spr sbf which will root you. And give you a different recovery img

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    07-20-2010 06:09 PM
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    i just started reading this and was about to hit my head against the wall but then i looked at the date from the original post haha.

    you are going to need to use RSD lite and the sprecovery file to flash over the stock recovery. and then a new rom flash that has root access. best bet is to google it.
    07-21-2010 07:01 PM