1. .46caliber's Avatar
    That's right boys and girls. CyanogenMod 7 nightlies are available for the Droid. (CM 7 is Gingerbread) They work pretty well. There are some bugs, but the OS itself has been pretty stable.
    01-19-2011 07:12 AM
  2. Sploinkin's Avatar
    I am loving it. That screen on/off animation makes me happy every time I see it and it is totally useless! <3 Android

    The only problem I am really having with it is I have to push any of the hard buttons twice sometimes (Back, Menu, Home, Search). There is the 3g call issue but that's easy to fix.
    01-19-2011 09:07 AM
  3. scarryman04's Avatar
    I had CM 6.1.2 for a few weeks...loved it and couldn't wait for CM7, but now I'm using Project Elite ROM and it is blazing fast...so I'll prolly just wait til the ROM is stable and give it a try then.
    01-19-2011 01:43 PM
  4. smoke5643's Avatar
    I'm with scarryman04. I tried CM 6.1.2 last night and it would not work on my Droid. All the programs werent loaded and I could get a wifi connection. Flashed to Project Elite and couldnt be happier. I am in love with my OG Droid all over again. Cant believe I bought a Fascinate after last night....
    01-19-2011 08:47 PM
  5. scarryman04's Avatar
    Project Elite v4.2 was just released last night too!!!
    01-20-2011 08:36 AM
  6. scarryman04's Avatar
    OMG...LOL...I just remembered this was Gingerbread and the easter egg zombie art was in the Android Version...there is another easter egg the great folks at Team ****** put in there in the Mod Version...check it out!!!
    02-06-2011 09:49 PM
  7. scarryman04's Avatar
    Just flashed build 30 last night and applied the new lock screen to pull down to unlock and it doesn't work...locked myself out so i had to re-flash, just an fyi
    02-08-2011 12:59 PM
  8. scarryman04's Avatar
    just flashed build 32...its a bust so stay on build #31
    02-10-2011 12:38 AM
  9. nox's Avatar
    So how are you guys liking CM7? Any major errors/faults?
    02-12-2011 01:18 PM
  10. scarryman04's Avatar
    Amazing...no real bugs I have found so far...not all root apps work properly though, like I've been having problems with Screen Shot It not working properly all the time.
    02-12-2011 01:53 PM
  11. Sploinkin's Avatar
    There were some pretty major bugs at first, but nothing major anymore.
    02-13-2011 10:44 PM
  12. .46caliber's Avatar
    It's pretty smooth. We've gotta be coming up on the first CM7 RC for the Droid soon.
    02-16-2011 08:45 PM
  13. scarryman04's Avatar
    Thats what I thought but now with this build #2 I'm getting random reboots a lot...glad build #3 is available going to flash now to see if hopefully this fixes it!
    02-21-2011 09:01 AM
  14. nox's Avatar
    Anyone use Build #8 yet? Just downloaded. Unsure if I should install or not!
    02-28-2011 05:10 AM
  15. .46caliber's Avatar
    It's fine. Using it now with one of Chevy No. 1's kernels. Runs 1385 on Quadrant.
    02-28-2011 07:20 AM
  16. nox's Avatar
    Any random reboots? I'm installing it right now
    02-28-2011 06:01 PM
  17. Sploinkin's Avatar
    I still get plenty of random reboots. I'm on build 7 because nothing has changed for the droid recently.

    Gerrit Code Review shows what has been merged with the nightly builds.
    03-01-2011 09:11 AM