1. jeffnucci's Avatar
    I noticed today that my Droid running the Nexus One 2.1 dump now has a functioning backlight on the physical keyboard. It didn't work when I installed 2.1 and after I installed the 800mhz overclock and the fixed Wi-Fi kernel it's working again.

    Anyone else notice that?
    02-02-2010 12:23 AM
  2. YoungChrisG's Avatar
    If you got it from alldroid there was a few posts about it. The devs for the overclock added it in their stuff I do believe. Which is awsome!
    02-02-2010 01:37 AM
  3. jeffnucci's Avatar
    Wow! Good to know. It's nice to be able to chat with the girlfriend in the dark again...
    02-02-2010 01:45 AM
  4. dthacker#AC's Avatar
    goood to know
    02-04-2010 04:02 AM