05-02-2010 10:42 AM
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  1. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    Yep. Don't know how long it's gonna before Roy tells me to leave him alone. Lol.
    Naw man, we are cool. Don't trip.
    04-08-2010 05:21 PM
  2. iMatter's Avatar
    Since we're on the subject, whats the difference between the bekit kernals? (5 slot vs 7 slot) It is my understanding that the low voltage ones use less heat. If I was to install one of these kernals, would it eliminate the need for using an overclock app?
    04-08-2010 06:05 PM
  3. thebizz's Avatar
    No you still need setcpu. But the difference is the available frequencies to set your phone to
    04-08-2010 07:07 PM
  4. stefanl's Avatar
    do i have to wipe data and cache to move from cm .4 to .7 ??
    04-08-2010 09:10 PM
  5. thebizz's Avatar
    I don't think so but if you want to be safe go ahead
    04-08-2010 09:12 PM
  6. stefanl's Avatar
    i keep getting force close galore when i don't wipe data...is this the problem
    04-08-2010 10:47 PM
  7. thebizz's Avatar
    Try and wipe data . But first click fix permissions and reboot see if that helps
    04-08-2010 11:12 PM
  8. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    If moving from .4 to .7, wipe data and clear defaults in launcher 2.
    Setting, manage apps, hit menu, filter, all, find launcher 2, clear data and defaults. All you will have to do is reset up the home screen.
    04-08-2010 11:33 PM
  9. stefanl's Avatar
    works, thank you
    04-09-2010 12:07 AM
  10. MikeB's Avatar
    I'm running Koush's rom version .7 and just loaded p3droids 1ghz kernal .. Man, this thing rocks. I have never been able to run over 800 mhz with bekits kernals and it runs hot @800 but with p3 I am running 1ghz stable and cool. All while streaming pandora and usb tethering .. lol
    04-09-2010 02:21 PM
  11. jjenson's Avatar
    How do I get out of the endless FC loop with the .7 update?

    The Launcher 2 one. I have no idea how to get my phone working right now just FC's all the time.
    04-09-2010 03:10 PM
  12. mclarryjr's Avatar
    Pull your battery then turn back on holding down the X key to go into recovery then restore from your back up.
    04-09-2010 03:26 PM
  13. jjenson's Avatar
    how do you delete launcher 2?
    04-09-2010 03:29 PM
  14. jjenson's Avatar
    Nevermind I deleted it. But in launcher 1 is there anyway to get the icons across the bottom again on all pages?
    04-09-2010 03:58 PM
  15. Brett's Avatar
    You need to download helix launcher. There a thread that had the installation apk in the apps section.
    04-09-2010 04:12 PM
  16. jjenson's Avatar
    OK will download it from teh market not sure where you are saying to get teh apk from?
    04-09-2010 06:31 PM
  17. thebizz's Avatar
    Look here for the new launcher 2
    04-09-2010 06:37 PM
  18. pappy53's Avatar
    I installed CM .7, and everything has been good. But, I have just noticed that I cannot enable wi-fi. I can't say that wi-fi worked with it any time, but I think that it worked to start when I first installed .7. Just to check, I went back and installed CM .4, and the wi-fi started working again. Any suggestions?

    The message that I get is "unable to start wi-fi".
    04-09-2010 08:42 PM
  19. jjenson's Avatar
    Where is teh 3D app drawer? Is that in the Helix2launcher?
    04-09-2010 09:13 PM
  20. thebizz's Avatar
    Yes its in helix2 though I had the stock launcher 2
    04-09-2010 10:59 PM
  21. jjenson's Avatar
    The helix 2 one goes into a forever FC.
    04-09-2010 11:48 PM
  22. stefanl's Avatar
    is there any way to return to the 4 row launcher on .7 rather than the 5 rows...it just looks too crowded for my taste
    04-09-2010 11:52 PM
  23. Brett's Avatar
    Download the helix launcher that is in the apps section of this forum.
    04-10-2010 12:32 AM
  24. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    The helix 2 one goes into a forever FC.
    Really, you are the first person to experience this. The one I posted no longer does that. Wonder Why you are getting fcs.
    is there any way to return to the 4 row launcher on .7 rather than the 5 rows...it just looks too crowded for my taste
    Not at the moment. He is adding that option though. He went with persians launcher 2 over ruqqqs helix one. Personally, I think helix is better.
    04-10-2010 10:00 AM
  25. Dapke36's Avatar
    Agreed. Oh well, it's not like i'm coding it, so I can't really complain
    04-10-2010 06:07 PM
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