1. PRNmeds's Avatar
    I just flashed 2.1 (yeah yeah, I know, I finally gave in and re-rooted) and Pete's bugless beast 0.9 and I have not had any problems yet. I believe this is how a rom should be, I am really feelin' how you can do switches, and commands from the terminal emulator. I haven't flashed any kernals or anything. I'm guessing if I do, that's where the FC's and errors will come into play. But at this time, the stock bugless beast 0.9 is in fact, bugless.
    03-21-2010 05:24 PM
  2. slowhatch's Avatar
    I'm using bugless v.9 and it is impeccable. Transitions are perfectly smooth no lag, no force closes, nothing. I'm also running chevy1s overclock 5 slot kernal running at 1.1ghz and the phone is a beast.

    I compare side by side w my friends nexus one and it is almost identical in speed and fluidity. I think what's slowin us down is the fact that this 2.1 rom isn't made for the droid and once we get an official base to work with this phone is gonna be an even bigger beast.

    And since we re on topic I honestly feel that if you (like me) must have a keyboard this is the best phone on the market. Period.
    03-21-2010 11:48 PM
  3. thebizz's Avatar
    The 2.1 Pete uses OS specifically made for the Droid by motorola. It's the same OS that was supposed to be the 2.1 update.
    03-22-2010 12:01 AM
  4. PRNmeds's Avatar
    That's what I was thinking, it's not run off the Nexus one's 2.1 version, ESE35 or whatever is 2.1 as designed for release on the Moto Droid. So I've reached the one day mark, with ZERO force closes, nearly a full battery, although I didn't have heavy use. I will probably have to wait until I've taken a road trip, and put the system to the test. i.e. running music, and gps, while receiving texts/phone calls all at the same time. That's how i'll know if it is truly bugless ;-). Hats off to Pete though, this rom is awesome.
    03-22-2010 03:34 AM
  5. slowhatch's Avatar
    hmm interesting so ese35 is the 2.1 build for the droid? i wonder how he got his hands on that?

    so basically we shouldnt expect any more improvements when the official os drops then huh?
    03-22-2010 05:07 AM
  6. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Pete is using an older revision of the "official release". The one he is using is the leak we saw a couple of weeks ago.
    03-22-2010 06:09 AM
  7. thebizz's Avatar
    Same build number pretty much the same thing and he's using ese53
    03-22-2010 07:24 AM
  8. mclarryjr's Avatar
    Pete has always done as great job on his rom's, everyone I've tried has worked without any flaws.
    03-22-2010 09:51 AM
  9. digitard#WN's Avatar
    I believe the only difference between Pete's build, and the "official" build coming out is the baseband version is higher on the new one (his is like .0 or .1 and it's like .3 at the end).

    Other than that they're both ESE53.

    I've been using BB for quite a while, and it's awesome.

    You can load HELIXLAUNCHER2 by the way, and it works so you can have the Launcher2 appdrawer and I've had 0 issues.


    Both are great Home replacements, available in the marketplace.
    03-22-2010 10:00 PM