1. cbironman24's Avatar
    Just wondering if the Verizon total equipment coverage would work with motomaker? If you had to make a claim would you get a generic phone or would you get one to match your custom made phone?
    10-31-2015 02:10 PM
  2. buildscapeinc's Avatar
    No idea but that is a great question......very forward thinking.
    cbironman24 likes this.
    10-31-2015 02:47 PM
  3. MizWylie's Avatar
    Hey there. I know that Asurion covers my Moto X through Verizon, and with the 16 GB model my deductible is $149. It's a supported phone for replacement, just not sure what you'd get in return.

    Edit: and I only mention my Moto X because it's customized.

    Edit again: Did a bit more research. Asurion offers the generic replacements for the Droid Turbo 2, OR you can wait 3-7 days while they submit your claim to Moto Maker. They can't replace custom screen boot or engraving though.
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    10-31-2015 04:35 PM

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